Several years ago I began writing fiction about social technology, in an effort to explain some of my more difficult ideas to a non-technical audience of family and friends.  I learned a lot from my efforts but accomplished none of my goals.

Early on I decided to set up websites for each of the URLs mentioned in the books.  Anyone browsing to one of these addresses would find some comments on the material.  Instead of providing any preface, forward or other descriptive material in the books themselves, all of this material would be on the Internet.  I have called these target pages, since they provide targets for curious browsers to hit.

The book called The Green Family Chronicles, which later became incorporated in the even larger Society Changed included material about a fictional Green Family Corporation, which earned billions through the application of this technology, mostly in the form of software.  A subsidiary of this corporation was Social Tech Software, and its URL was the same as this one:  An early version of this target page was as intended, just a commentary on the role of in the books.  A later version tried to serve that role while pretending to be the home page of this fictional organization.

But I have a much better use for this domain name, and can just barely afford to maintain such a large network of websites.  So I am recycling the URL, using it for the more important purpose.

This purpose is not at all incompatible with that of the fictional company, but in the current version of the book this fact is not visible.