Next Year In Python

As in “Next Year in Jerusalem”.  When it comes to software engineering, what I like to do is write code.  I know I should be doing requirements analysis and design first, but what I really like to do is write code.  But no sooner do I sit down to write something for Social Technology, I find myself worrying about what it is supposed to do, and how.  Well, I should be worrying about that, of course, but it never stopped me before.  I always knew roughly what algorithms would have to be implemented, and could just get started.

What is new is just how new this always is.  I can’t keep up with my own ideas about how it’s all going to work.  I know it is going to involve minimizing error covariance,  in order to best accomplish decision making and estimation, and I know that the estimation of compatibilities will be applied to bipartite matching, for such things as establishing good interpersonal relationships, but that’s all part of some bigger picture which keeps setting me back whenever I think I am ready to write code.

Maybe this is the website to use for discussing that bigger picture.  I’ll try to post something about all those distractions.

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Once the Domain Name for a Fictional Business, Someday a Real One

In the Green Family Chronicles and its considerable expansion, named Society Changed, Ken Green has a software business called Social Tech Software, with this domain name, — I hope and believe that there will be a future business with this name, and it will use this domain name.

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